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How BuddiesNJ is Providing Affordable Cannabis in New Jersey

Affordability of cannabis in NJ has become a pressing issue for numerous individuals, especially those who are younger and curious about the advantages marijuana can bring. With high prices and limited availability plaguing the Garden State’s cannabis market, it is essential to understand the factors contributing to this issue and potential solutions that may arise.

In this blog post, we will discuss how inflation affects local dispensary prices in New Jersey and how low-wage earners are struggling with affordability. Furthermore, we will explore Buddies NJ’s efforts to address these issues through our online delivery service offering competitive pricing on various products.

Lastly, we will delve into the challenges faced by New Jersey’s legal cannabis industry as they compete with unauthorized sellers. We’ll examine the enduring expungement train wreck impacting professional prospects and why home cultivation remains extremely illegal within the state. Join us as we navigate access to affordable cannabis in New Jersey and uncover ways to overcome these obstacles.

High Prices and Limited Availability in New Jersey’s Cannabis Market

In New Jersey, despite adult-use marijuana being legalized in 2023, the limited availability and high prices of cannabis products such as flower, THC gummies, concentrates, vapes and pre-rolls remain a challenge. The slow start to New Jersey’s legal marijuana industry has resulted in only a few new medical dispensaries opening up and existing ones expanding to sell adult-use cannabis.

Inflation Affecting Cannabis Prices at Local Dispensaries

You might have noticed that your wallet feels lighter after visiting a dispensary lately. Well, it turns out inflation isn’t just hitting your grocery bill; it’s also making its way into the world of weed. Local dispensaries are feeling the pinch too, leading to higher prices for consumers.

Low-wage Earners Struggling with Affordability

If you’re living on a tight budget or working minimum wage jobs (we feel you), getting access to affordable cannabis can be quite challenging. But don’t fret – there’s some positive news ahead.

Despite the challenges, the New Jersey Cannabis Commission is working hard to ensure that Garden State residents have access to affordable cannabis. The commission is responsible for regulating the state’s marijuana laws and ensuring that dispensaries are operating legally and ethically.

One way the commission is working to increase access to affordable cannabis is by issuing more licenses for dispensaries and cultivation facilities. This will increase competition in the market, which should help to drive down prices.

Another way the commission is working to increase access to affordable cannabis is by allowing home cultivation for medical patients. This will allow patients to grow their own cannabis plants, which can be a more affordable option for those who need it.

Overall, while the cannabis market in New Jersey may still have some growing pains, the future looks bright for those who want access to affordable cannabis. With the help of the New Jersey Cannabis Commission, we can look forward to a more accessible and affordable market in the years to come.

The scarcity and cost of marijuana in NJ has posed a difficulty for numerous purchasers, particularly those with restricted funds. However, Buddies NJ is addressing this problem by providing a convenient online delivery service that offers competitively priced products.

Buddies NJ Addressing Affordability Issues through Online Delivery Service

Have you ever felt like you’re being robbed blind by high cannabis prices? Fear not, young grass-smokers. Buddies NJ is here to save the day with our online delivery service. They’re all about making your green dreams come true without emptying your wallet.

  • Easy ordering process on website: No more awkward conversations with sketchy dealers or wandering around dispensaries feeling lost. Just a few clicks and voila  – affordable marijuana products are on their way to your doorstep.
  • Competitive pricing for various product offerings: Buddies NJ knows that money doesn’t grow on trees (well, except for the ones they sell), so they’ve got some sweet deals lined up just for you. From budget buds to top-shelf strains, there’s something for everyone’s taste and pocketbook.

If you want access to quality cannabis without breaking the bank, give Buddies NJ a try – it’ll be like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow-colored bong.

As the cannabis commission continues to refine marijuana laws in the Garden State, Buddies NJ remains committed to providing affordable and accessible cannabis to all of our customers.

Buddies NJ has made a huge impact in addressing affordability issues for cannabis users through our online delivery service, providing customers with easy ordering processes and competitive pricing. As the legal industry faces tough competition from unauthorized sellers, Buddies NJ continues to innovate and strive towards an equitable solution that benefits everyone involved.

Challenges Faced by Legal Cannabis Industry in Competing with Unauthorized Sellers

Although arrests related to unauthorized selling of marijuana have significantly dropped (only 44 recorded cases in 2023), illegal sales remain rampant. This is primarily because legal stores cannot compete with legacy market pricing structures yet, especially considering additional fees imposed upon them such as the Social Equity Excise Fee ($1.52 per ounce distributed) and potential user taxes charged by municipalities.

  • Enduring Expungement Train Wreck Impacting Professional Prospects: Many people are still waiting for their records to be cleared, making it difficult for them to enter the booming cannabis industry. However, who needs a job when you can just keep buying from your friendly neighborhood dealer?
  • Home Cultivation Remains Extremely Illegal within the State: New Jersey is like that strict parent who says “No growing weed at home.” So while other states enjoy their green-thumb hobbies, we’re stuck paying premium prices or turning to our old-school connections.

All jokes aside, Buddies NJ aims to help combat these challenges by providing affordable access through our online delivery service. We may not solve all problems overnight, but we’re here fighting the good fight.

Why is Cannabis So Expensive in NJ?

Cannabis prices in New Jersey are high due to factors such as taxes, regulatory compliance costs, and limited supply. The state imposes a 9% sales tax on recreational marijuana purchases, and businesses must adhere to strict regulations that can increase operational expenses. Additionally, the limited number of licensed dispensaries creates a supply-demand imbalance, driving up prices.

Do Dispensaries Share Information with the Government in NJ?

New Jersey dispensaries are required to maintain records of transactions and report certain data to the New Jersey Department of Health. However, this information is primarily used for regulatory purposes and ensuring patient safety. Personal identifying details about customers are generally protected by privacy laws like HIPAA.

What is the CREAMMA Law in New Jersey?

The CREAMMA (Cannabis Regulatory Enforcement Assistance Marketplace Modernization Act) law refers to legislation passed in 2023 that legalized adult-use marijuana consumption and established a regulated market for its sale within New Jersey. This act created the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which oversees licensing processes and enforces industry regulations.


Access to affordable cannabis in New Jersey remains a significant issue for many individuals, particularly those with low incomes. Inflation has driven up prices at local dispensaries, making it difficult for some to afford their medication. Additionally, the legal industry faces challenges from unauthorized sellers and enduring expungement issues.

However, Buddies NJ is addressing these affordability issues through its online delivery service. Our website offers an easy ordering process and competitive pricing for various product offerings. While there are still challenges facing the legal cannabis industry in New Jersey, Buddies NJ is helping to make access to affordable cannabis more attainable for those who need it most.

If you’re struggling with high prices or limited availability of cannabis products in New Jersey, consider checking out Buddies NJ’s online cannabis delivery products. Buddies NJ offers an economical way to get the cannabis products you need, with a streamlined ordering system.