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  • Connected Gummies | 10ct | 1000mg

    Cannabis-Infused Gummies 10 gummies // 100mg per gummy // 1000mg THC These Connected CA gummies are infused with Solventless Live Rosin and are strain specific for each flavor. Packed with potency and made with intention. Instructions for use: Ingest a SINGLE SERVING and WAIT at least 2 hours for full effects.  ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. KEEP OUT …
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  • Mini Burst | Infused Prerolls | 5pk

    PACKS Los Angeles : Mini Burst  5 mini prerolls // 0.5g per per preroll // Net wt. 2.5g   Extra Strength 40%+  <> Ice Hash Rosin Infused   Each Joint is infused with a FLAVOR BURST, squeeze and pop the middle of the joint and enjoy the burstball of epic flavor! Directions : Light Preroll, …
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