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Clean Carts Oil | 1000mg


Clean Carts Oil Cartridge

1gm Cannabis Oil Cartridge   |   THC > 90%

There is a lot to say about these strains and their flavors. Think of it as a fruit basket filled with citrus fruits, blackberry, banana, and grapes. Now add some sour and funky tones to it. The taste is so potent that you feel it inside your mouth for hours. 

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CLEAN CARTS is dedicated to providing the cleanest, purest oil on the market. We only use Pesticide Free distillate and natural terpenes. 

No cuts, fillers, or thickening agents are used in our products, and we have the lab test results to prove it. 

Clean Products are designed and formulated using premium ingredients. High quality oil, potent flavors and advanced technological hardware are key components that separate Clean products from the rest.

We at Clean are constantly striving to provide our customers with purity, potency, and clean products. Each one of our products go through stringent quality control to ensure every product is consistent and most importantly pesticide free. The market is flooded with products containing toxins and pesticides, and we at Clean pride ourselves thoroughly testing everything at a certified lab to guarantee quality.  Upon every flavor release we will upload accurate tests results that you can scan and verify for yourself.




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Grand Daddy Purple – Indica, G-13 – Indica, Strawberry Cough – Sativa, Pineapple Express – Sativa, Blueberry Yum – Hybrid, SFV OG – Hybrid, NY Sour Diesel – Hybrid, Alaskan Thunderfuck – Hybrid, Buddy Kush – Indica, Herijuana – Indica, Blue Ice – Hybrid, Push Pop – Indica, Strawberry Sherbet – Hybrid, Lemon Popperz – Indica, Pink Starburst – Sativa, Peach Ringz – Sativa, Guava Gushers – Hybrid, Orange Cream – Hybrid, Cake Batter – Indica, Banana Nerdz – Indica


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