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Loud Sauce Extracts | 1gm


Loud Sauce Extracts

1.0gm of 100% Cannabis Extract // POTENT!

Solvent Free C02 Oil <> 100% natural terpenes <> Lab Tested  <> Pesticide Free

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High quality Terp Sauce made in Ca by Loud Sauce Extracts . Very Potent with amazing Flavors and Licensed in the state of CA .

Is Terp sauce better than live resin?

Appearance and texture-wise, live resin will contain visible crystals and an almost gritty texture, where terp sauce has a cohesive, thick liquid texture. The more liquefied the sauce, the more terpenes it contains. Terp sauce is more potent and contains more terpenes than live resin, making it more flavorful, too

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Any Flavor, Runtz, Lemon Meringue, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Gushers, Gelato 41


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