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MoonRock Minis | Infused Prerolls | 5pk


Infused Preroll Multi Pack – Premium Indoor Cannabis 

5 mini prerolls // 0.5g per preroll // Net wt. 2.5g

  60-65% THC <> Liquid Diamond Infused <>  Kief Coated  

Ingredients : Cannabis Flower, Liquid Diamond, Kief

Directions : Light Preroll, Inhale and Enjoy. 

Product Total: $50


Can Moon Rock pre-rolls induce a high? When smoking a Moon Rock pre-roll, anticipate experiencing the full effects of intoxication within 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the content of the blunt or joint. It’s advisable, particularly for novice users, to start with the smallest possible dosage as individual tolerance levels vary. It’s essential to note that Moon Rocks should only be smoked using glass apparatus. Avoid rolling them in a joint or blunt, and refrain from using a grinder.

Inhaling Moon Rocks pre-rolls yields a remarkably enjoyable, terpene-rich flavor of kief that often prompts exclamations like, “Wow, that’s delicious.” The resulting smoke clouds are notably voluminous and dense, making each inhalation nearly an experience in itself.

Now, regarding the high? Let me tell you, it’s quite something. Beginning with a cerebral impact and gradually permeating throughout the entire body, including down to the toes, a Moon Rocks high is akin to a slow burn. Initially noticeable, it intensifies over the next 30 minutes, eventually leading you to a peak that you may not have been fully prepared to reach.


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Orange Soda – Sativa, Lemon Cherry – Hybrid, Cookies N' Cream – Hybrid, Ice Cream Cake – Indica, Moonrock OG – Indica


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