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Sauce Carts XL Classics | 1500mg


Sauce Classics 1.5g

1500mg Ultra High Potency Twist Cartridge 

+ Cannabis Derived Terpenes  + THC 88% + Long Lasting +


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Sauce Carts 1500MG classic vape cart With an ultra-high potency of 87% THC and 12% CBD,

perfect carts for those seeking a strong, yet balanced, effect.

Produced with cannabis oil derived from terpenes processed by quality labs LLC,

Sauce live resin Cart purity is paramount.
Pure sauce cart are rigorously tested to ensure they contain no detectable levels of pesticides.

When it comes to purity, Sauce sets the standard.
Sauced live resin carts thc rigorous testing process guarantees sauce carts are free from detectable levels of pesticides.

You can enjoy every puff without any concerns about harmful substances, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the flavors and effects of our premium live resin carts.

You can enjoy your vaping sessions with peace of mind,

knowing that you’re inhaling only the finest quality cannabis oil.

The epitome of quality, potency, and flavor. Order yours today and discover why Sauce are the go-to choice for discerning cannabis connoisseurs around the world.


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Any Flavor, Grandaddy Purp Indica – THC 86.31%, White Rhino Indica – THC 86.21%, Purple Haze Hybrid – THC 86.69%, Guava Sativa – THC 88.52%, Pink Candy Kush Sativa – THC 86.99%, Sour Runtz Hybrid – THC 88.01%, Super Jack Sativa – THC 86.88%, Mimosa Hybrid – THC 87.43%, Ice Cream Mintz Indica – THC 86.89%, Ghost Train Haze Sativa – THC 87.51%


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