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Verzace | Sativa


Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 21% – 25%

Flavor & Aroma : Berries    Top Effects : Focused

Verzace is a clear-headed sativa-dominant hybrid. Tight and dense colorful nugs that smell like gassy grapes hit you between the eyes with some of the smoothest smoke you’ve ever had.  A mixture of energy and relaxation, euphoria and calm seem to permeate your being all at once, allowing you to have a restful afternoon or evening. 

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Versace is a clear-headed sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. This trio of trichome-rich strains is combined to offer an array of effects that work off each other. Sour Diesel’s heady buzz acts a catalyst, adding a stimulating alertness to the luscious body effects and pleasant euphoria native to Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, respectively. Enjoy this pungent flower to help curb depression and fatigue while elevating mood and muting mild physical pain.

Experienced users will likely be drawn to this strain based on her THC alone, as a high of 25% practically ensures a good time. Nugs are very dense and fairly small, and while they have minimal orange hairs, they do boast a thick layer of large clear trichomes. Lovers of sweeter strains will gravitate toward Versace, as it features a blend of berries, lemon, earth, and a hint of kush. Her fragrance, on the other hand, leans more toward a spicy note that’s heavily perfumed with diesel.

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