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White Tahoe Cookies | Indica


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 29%

Flavor & Aroma : Sweet     Top Effects : Relaxing

White Tahoe Cookies, an indica-dominant hybrid, is crafted through the combination of The White, Tahoe OG, and an undisclosed Girl Scout Cookies cut. This strain boasts a stunning appearance, featuring deep olive rounded nuggets with purple undertones and dark amber hairs. Each nug is generously coated with tiny white crystal trichomes, exhibiting a subtle purple hue when viewed in the right light. Upon breaking apart these glistening nuggets, earthy hash and nutty citrus aromas are released.

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The flavor profile of White Tahoe Cookies is distinctly sweet, offering notes of tree fruit and herbs complemented by a spicy earthy undertone upon exhale. The high induced by White Tahoe Cookies is swift, initiating a euphoric experience that fills the mind with pure creativity. As the mind ascends to new heights, a relaxing body buzz ensues, leaving you tingling, giggly, and slightly aroused. This initial effect transitions into a sedative state, inducing sleepiness and an unfocused mindset that can persist for hours without relief.

With its elevated THC level, White Tahoe Cookies is reputed to be effective in treating conditions such as insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, chronic pain, and inflammation. Experience a range of effects, including arousal, creativity, euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and sleepiness. This strain may provide relief from chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea. Savor its sweet flavors of citrus, fruity, herbal, nutty, spicy, and sweetness, accompanied by aromas of citrus, earthiness, hash, herbal notes, nuttiness, and spiciness.




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